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Toontown Download

Installing the Toontown Launcher If you are using Vista, Toontown will not be able to install under default settings because IE's Protected Mode will not allow it.

You should be able to take note of your Internet Explorer version and free disk space there.

Alternatively, drop by the Toontowncentral live chat, where the operators are always glad to help you get Toontown up and running smoothly.

Note that while the test is going on, your PC's screen might flicker andor the PC might appear to freeze up.

There are no choices to make to install the game, simply click Accept after looking through the License Agreement and the game will install itself.

It's normal, and the PC should unfreeze shortly.

When you're done with this guide, you should: Have Toontown installed on a capable PC Have signed up as a free user Compatibility Checking The first thing you should do.

Installing Toontown (Window, XP, Vista, 7) Okay, now we're ready to install Toontown into the PC.

The Toontown installer will check to make sure your PC meets the requirements automatically, so you don't really have to worry about that.

Once the PC regains it's sanity, you'll be brought to a page asking you to create your account.

On the page that says "Install Toontown, click "Next".

Go to Start Programs Accessories System Tools and click on System Information.

If it does freeze up, don't panic!

Click "yes", and this plug-in will install Toontown onto your PC.

Enter your e-mail address into both fields.

C (or newer) Microsoft Internet Explorer v.

You should be able to get your processor speed, memory amount, video card type and memory, and other fancy stuff.

Toontown Download

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